5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Video Marketers

5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Video Marketers

Utilizing a professional video service is the best way to boost your marketing campaigns.

Leaving video marketing out of your promotional strategies is basically leaving money on the table.

In this day and age, you need every internet marketing tool at your disposal.

We’re going to break it down and explain how hiring professional video services will play a huge role in taking your business to the next level.

These are the top five benefits of using professional video marketing services:

1. Visibility

In an infinitely crowded online marketplace, your key concern should be standing out.

Having the greatest product or service means nothing if nobody knows who you are because they can’t find you.

If you want to increase traffic to your pages, you’re going to need to pull viewers in with visuals.

Video marketing is one of the most effective means of getting noticed and raising brand awareness.

We love to be entertained.

Because of this, it’s only natural that video promos and educational materials get the most engagement from online users.

In fact, after watching a video, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product online.

That’s quite an impressive conversion rate.

Now, proper advertising theory still applies; so this is another reason to have professional video services instead of improvised productions in order to stand out from the competition.

2. Greatest Return on Investment

Technology has advanced to the point where anyone with a computer and a smartphone can shoot, edit, and produce a video that is respectable.

Anyone can create a video, but not everyone can create a high-quality video.

Because of this level playing field and increased demand, professional video services have become much more affordable than years ago.

Considering that research shows that video brings in three times as many visitors than plain text, there’s no reason to complain or worry about investing in video marketing.

As long as the content and production are of high value, your videos are going to bring people in.

Even amateur, gimmicky videos can be successful, so if you hire a professional, you know you’re going to stand out.

3. Builds a Loyal Base

Having excellent online video content not only advances your brand, it also creates trust with your customers.

Customers need visual explanations to clarify what you do.

Otherwise, all you have are some empty words on a webpage. 

Professional video marketers can turn your brand into engaging stories, connect with viewers on a personal level, and humanize the brand.

If so inclined, you can also have powerful social media players with large followings easily promote your brand in video form.

Not to mention, users will retain 95% of a message when it is shown in a video.  

That’s a stark contrast to the slim 10% of users that retain information after reading it in text.

Don’t be all bark and no bite.

Show your customers exactly what you can offer them by including videos that showcase your company, services, products, and mission.  

Doing this allows your viewers to connect with your business on a personal level.

This will keep your customers coming back to you.

4. Encourages Social Shares

Trying to break out and dominate in the social media scene?

Professional video marketing is a must.  

That’s just the nature of advertising today.

People scroll way too fast through their feeds to stop for a small, text-only post about an unfamiliar company.

If you’re trying to compete, you’ll need a video that captures your potential customer’s attention.

A great video will get shared across multiple networks and reach thousands of viewers fast.

Whether it’s on YouTube, Instagram, or even Snapchat, your success depends on shareable videos. 

People love to share fun videos.

Better yet, people are willing to share a video even if it features a product that they don’t use or need, as long as it’s engaging.

This will expose your video to a wide audience.

That’s the beauty of video marketing — and it all starts with a professionally-made video, tailored for optimal shareability.

5. Google Loves Videos

Videos are prime for “search engine optimization,” or better known in the marketing community as SEO.

SEO algorithms are constantly changing and updating, but there is one thing that remains consistent: that videos improve SEO rankings.

Videos, by nature, keep people on your pages longer, which equates to more trust and greater standing with Google.

If you have your videos properly tagged, described, and titled, your potential customers will gravitate toward your videos in the search results.

Don’t make your videos clickbaity, which may end up deterring your customers.

Instead, just make sure to put in the effort to have attention-grabbing titles and descriptions.


With all these benefits in mind, you probably have a good idea of how important hiring a professional video service is.

It is important to maximize your potential by letting a professional handle things.

You might have a great smartphone camera, but you probably don’t know about lighting or soundstages. 

From video equipment to technical skills, these things take time and money to master, so let a professional handle the growing pains of setting up a new video marketing strategy.

At the end of the day, the costs of equipment, video editing software, and man-hours will end up being more on your own than by hiring a professional.

If this gets you excited to boost your online presence, generate more traffic, and build a solid, loyal customer base, then we at Parallel 40 are here to help you.

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