5 Reasons Why Videos Are Best for Getting Donations

Getting people excited about a cause you care about can be quite the task.

If you have a non-profit or organization you’re working hard to promote, you must have a specific goal in mind, and you need donations to keep you going.

But how do you convince people in a unique and honest way to help your organization?

I’m here to tell you that video fundraising is incredibly effective at doing just that.

You’ll want your message to resonate with your donors in a unique, memorable way.

In this video, we’re going to discuss how video can turn your ideas for a better future into a reality through video donor engagement.

Videos Tell Your Organization’s Story

You should have a story about your organization already, even without any promotional videos.

You should be familiar with your non-profit’s unique journey and how you want to tell it.

You aren’t passionate about your organization’s goals for nothing.

You were inspired by something.

Think about your organization’s goals and how you are making a positive change.

Videos will be able to highlight the real impact you are making.

By showing your organization’s passion and story, you will show your viewers how you will positively affect your world.

Your audience will be happy to help you if it involves being a part of something meaningful.

They Can Visually See the Consequences

On the other hand, video also allows your viewers to see what happens when you’re not in the picture.

You’ll want to show your audience what happens if your organization isn’t able to properly help — which means showing your audience the negative consequences that will happen if they don’t donate to your cause.

Remind the viewer that without their help, a certain problem will go unsolved.

Convince your viewers that their donation is actively solving the problem – and it helps to show your audience the problem first-hand so they become intimately familiar with it.

They Can See You Making A Difference

With video, your audience can see you making a difference. It’s not enough to show your viewers the problem.

After all, even if the problem exists, why should they donate to you specifically?

With video, you can show your viewers that you are present and actively solving the issues that you are passionate about, on-site.

Whether you are marching in protest or solidarity, interacting with a community, or taking care of animals, you need to prove that your organization is not only involved, but also actually making a difference.

You’ll Have a Meaningful Call to Action

Every marketing campaign needs a call to action.

For video for donor engagement, the call to action is especially important and should be the entire point of your video marketing strategy.

In your video, you need to have a meaningful call to action.

You can simply end your video on the note of “Donate today,” and include a link to your website.

Or, you can get more intimate with your message.

Consider asking your viewers to “join your cause today,” “become a supporter,” or “end world hunger.”

Choosing powerful phrasing to end your videos will personally involve your viewers.


All in all, donor engagement is much more fulfilling and proactive with video.

Video will increase awareness and donations for your cause.

Videos will spread your message in a way that is meaningful and effective.

If your organization is ready to start a video donor campaign, we at Parallel 40 Productions are here to help.

Contact us to get started, or check out our other article on how to start a successful marketing campaign.

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