6 Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

As we all know, social media is more powerful than ever.

Marketers are flocking to social media to engage with their potential consumers.

What is most effective on social media?


More viewers are enjoying video content mainly because it is fun to watch and easy to share.

Watching a video helps you become more engaged with your content and evokes an emotional response.

In this article, we’ll go over six video marketing statistics that you should know in order to best use video content for your marketing strategy.

1. Videos Will Consume Most Internet Traffic

By 2020, 80% of internet users will spend their time watching videos.

Yes, 80% of all internet users.

Videos are how most internet users spend their time.

If you want most of these eyes focused on your product or business, you’ll need videos of your own in order engage with your potential customers online.

2. More Digital Marketers Use Video In Their Campaigns

Since most internet users are spending their time watching videos, more marketers are utilizing the power of video for their marketing campaigns.

This is why 60% of digital marketers used videos in their social media marketing campaigns.

Videos are easily noticed on social media and are quick to grab attention.

Social media is all about sharing, and digital marketers know that videos are shared the most.

3. Videos Should be Short and to the Point

In terms of video length, the magic number is two minutes.

This is enough to entice a viewer’s interest and hold their attention for the entire duration of a video, especially on scroll-happy social media platforms like Instagram.

Even so, if you need a longer video for your purposes, you’re also in luck.

Studies show that viewership also increases when videos are between six to twelve minutes in length, especially on YouTube.

The length of a video all comes down to which platform you’re hosting on.

Ultimately though, the more videos you produce, the better your chances of getting shares, likes, and follows.

4. Facebook is the Best for Video

Most marketers are riding that Facebook video train.

In fact, marketing statistics say 84% of online marketers use Facebook for video marketing.

The reason most online marketers use Facebook is because of the social media giant’s flexibility, ad-optimization with Google, and its shareability among social networks.

On Facebook, you can upload long videos, short videos, live streams, pre-recorded video — almost anything you want.

In this way, you can get creative with the kind of video content you post on Facebook.

5. Live Videos Have Less Viewership

Live videos have become increasingly popular, particularly on Facebook.

However, the numbers regarding viewership are surprising.

Pre-recorded videos are actually more inclined to have more viewers than live videos.

Even so, there are definitely pros and cons to using live video in your marketing strategy.

Since live video relies on views solely in the moment, you’re limited.

Many platforms will notify your followers that you’re live.

However, the amount of people that are willing to stop what they are doing for your live video is slim.

The good news is that viewership actually increases after the video is done streaming.

Because of this, it’s best to cater your live videos to popular social media days and times.

6. “Video Influencers” are Highly Trusted

Video influencers like YouTuber Vloggers and Instagram Models are the new unique breed of celebrities.

According to a study done by Google, viewers not only admire YouTube celebrities more than “regular” celebrities like movie stars or musicians, they trust them more too.

These social media influencers are much more relatable to everyday viewers.

Because of this trust and interest, subscribers are also more likely to have an interest in purchasing the products showcased by these influencers.

With this in mind, consider using a team member who has an engaging personality and speaks well to be your business’s video correspondent.

In this way, you too could have your own personal brand ambassador that will increase the effectiveness of your brand’s message.


These video marketing statistics show just how important video content marketing is in today’s increasingly buzzing social media-oriented world.

With these statistics in mind, you can dominate social media with your marketing videos.

Engaging in video marketing will earn you better brand exposure.

Social media is optimizing video and more internet consumers prefer video over other types of content.

Video gives you the opportunity to create trends, drive traffic, and promote your brand.

If you are still debating on whether or not to use video marketing for your brand or business, we’re here to change your mind for good.

We at Parallel 40 Productions can help take a personalized approach to taking your marketing strategy to the next level.

We’re here for you.

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