7 Myths About Video Marketing Services, Debunked

There are a lot of misconceptions about video marketing services out there. Read this for the top 7 myths about video marketing … and why they’re not true!

If your marketing strategy doesn’t include video content, you’re missing out on a vast market of potential interest. And if you haven’t included video because you’re not sure to start, or because you believe one or more of these myths, you might be surprised to learn that video marketing services are more accessible than ever.

Video marketing is serious business. In fact, you can expect video to account for around 80% of total internet traffic by 2019.

The field is evolving at an incredible pace. No matter your industry, video marketing should be an integrated part of your strategy.

Read on for seven myths surrounding video, and find out why they shouldn’t keep you from reaping the benefits of visual marketing.

1. It’s Not Versatile – Myth

The truth is, video content can be repurposed in countless ways beyond lead generation. It might be the most dynamic form of content there is!

Quality video marketing can:

  • Influence purchase decisions
  • Establish your industry credibility
  • Build emotional rapport with your consumers

As it’s highly malleable, a video is also perfect for A/B testing. It’s simple to test product changes, design alterations, and different calls to action.

Video content gives a license for creativity. It’s time to let go of the idea that marketing should focus solely on leads. Video marketing services go far beyond this and can add real value to your other digital marketing tactics.

2. Your Audience Isn’t Watching – Myth

Even if your industry is not yet video-dominant, you can guarantee that those working within it use video daily. YouTube has more than 1 billion users. That’s almost 1/3 of the entire Internet!

Don’t take the slow uptake of your industry to mean that video won’t work for your business. People are watching. If your industry is slightly behind, grab this as an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.

By using video marketing services, you can tailor your content to appeal to individuals in your market, even if the industry at large hasn’t caught up yet. It soon will.

3. It Costs Too Much – Myth

Here’s the deal. Video doesn’t have to be expensive! There’s much you can do with your iPhone, which could work great for explainer or how-to videos.

If you’ve outgrown your iPhone and want truly professional content to showcase your mission, company, or product then ask a video marketing service agency like Parallel 40 Productions whether a monthly retainer may work better for you. Together, we can work out a plan that fits your budget while providing top quality videos.

Authenticity is as important as quality. Adding a human touch to your content can help you connect with your audience. So don’t dismiss video marketing as a whole if you can’t invest significantly right now.

4. It Takes Too Much Time – Myth

Video marketing can feel overwhelming and time-intensive. But don’t be intimidated by the prospect of creating an integrated marketing campaign with video!

Today, you can record a video on your iPhone and have it uploaded before your lunch break. You can speak personally from the heart with your industry knowledge, or use help from your colleagues who have a real understanding of your business.

For motion graphics, training content, or event videos, video marketing services will be essential. But don’t think professional video services are only helpful for long-term projects. Production companies like Parallel 40 offer strategic guidance for short and long-term projects–whatever works best for you. We can offer direction to those new to video, who don’t know where to start.

5. You Can’t Determine ROI – Myth

This is a common myth, which can be especially off-putting if you’re new to video marketing.

It makes sense. Without measurement, how can you justify the budget spend? Or know if it’s working at all?

The truth is, thanks to big data, the success of video content is easily trackable. What’s better, conversion results appear wildly positive.

For example, a video marketing survey found that 71% of professionals believe video conversion rates outperform those of other mediums. The same survey results show 48% of respondents believe that the average ROI of video is increasing.

While video platforms will provide the most insight, you can also assess your ROI with free metrics. Both YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics provide a wide range of analysis tools to get you started. You can use this information to determine which parts of your video content converts into new leads, which aspects are skipped, and exactly where the most interest lies.

6. Video is Difficult to Use Effectively – Myth

Strictly speaking, this one is true, but only if you don’t have a strategy.

To maximize your video marketing content, here are the fundamental questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What is the ultimate goal?
  • How will you express your brand image?
  • Which promotional channels will the content be purposed for?
  • Who will handle content creation?
  • Who will handle content distribution?

Without a clear strategy, video marketing services may well go to waste. But the same is true of any marketing channel. Here’s the bottom line: if you strategize effectively, video is as simple to harness as any other form of marketing.

7. Only Viral Content Matters – Myth

Hey, going viral is fantastic. But let’s face the facts. It’s difficult to do and there’s no clear formula for success.

If you happen to produce viral content, that’s amazing. But don’t strive for it.

Instead, appreciate the viewership you have and try to build trust and credibility within this core group. It’s better to have 100 long-term consumers than 1,000 fleeting ones.

Video Marketing Services

By now, you should be convinced of the power of video marketing.

It doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. It’s also perfect for repurposing content and testing marketing approaches. Plus, ROI is simple to measure using free tools.

While we encourage you to get started today, you’re likely to need some guidance along the way. Small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and even schools can benefit from video production services. Help is on hand, no matter your budget.

To find out how our video marketing services can help maximize your digital presence and reputation, get in touch.

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