The Best Video Marketing Tactics for Digital Campaigns

The Best Video Marketing Tactics for Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns reach far beyond having a great website. Check out some of the best video marketing tactics to boost your digital campaigns, here.

What are the best video marketing tactics to use in your digital campaigns?

That’s a question many businesses and non-profit organizations ask. Video marketing has exploded in the last couple of years and it’s on track to increase.

In fact, there were 18.9 billion video views on Facebook in October 2017! That’s a 4 billion view increase from the previous month.

Keep reading to discover why you need video marketing and how you can make your digital marketing campaigns unstoppable.

Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Video marketing is an important part of any digital marketing campaign. There are dozens of statistics to prove it. Here are just a few:

These statistics show that video is an important way to get your message out and to generate a return on investment.

After all, the purpose of digital marketing is to increase your bottom line, right?

Create Your Video Marketing Strategy

Before you get into the best video marketing tactics, you need to formulate a strategic approach. Now, a lot of people confuse strategy with tactics.

The strategy is the overall plan to reach your goals. It tends to be a long-term approach. Tactics are what you do to get there.

For example, your goal might be to increase the number of donors at your organization. The strategy might be to increase awareness of how your organization tackles an issue your prospective donors care about. The tactics used could be social media marketing, digital and direct mail appeals, and video marketing.

If you look at the best video marketing campaigns, you’ll find that they all had a strategy that used video marketing as a tactic.

Look at the big picture of your organization. What do you want people to know about it? Did your organization just change someone’s life for the better? Think about what stories you want to tell the world.

Next, you’ll have to do a little research. What are people talking about and what content would get them excited? You can ask your current followers on social media, or do additional research to discover what other people are saying about your industry.

After that, decide what the tone of your videos will be. You want the tone to be consistent with your brand. You can be funny, serious, or completely campy?

Finally, decide how the videos will be distributed. Will they be on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, or your blog? Each channel has some variances that you want to take into account.

The Best Video Marketing Tactics

When it comes to the best video marketing tactics, there are plenty of creative things you can do to promote your organization.

Focus Your Video on the Story

The big mistake that a lot of organizations make is that they focus too much on what they do. They don’t tell a story that’s compelling to viewers.

Using video to tell the story is not easy. You have to go deep into the core of your organization, and this requires planning.

A good story revolves around a beginning, middle, and end. It’s authentic to your organization and has a human touch. That’s what makes the emotional connection to your audience that will get them engaged with your brand.

Use Video to Answer Questions

You can engage customers, donors, employees, and volunteers with this tactic. You can ask your audience to submit questions they have about your organization.

You can address each question personally, by saying the person’s name before you answer the question, or you can publish the video on your website as an FAQ.

The First 10 Seconds Matter Most

You need to grab your viewers’ attention as soon as possible. One study shows that you’ll lose 20% of your audience after 10 seconds.

How can you hook viewers? You can ask questions. Or you can use the first 10 seconds as a teaser.

Live Stream Your Videos

Live streaming videos is a way to get your current base engaged in your brand. It’s a wonderful way to have a direct interaction with your audience.

You can have a live Q&A, live stream a fundraising drive, or have a spontaneous, behind-the-scenes look at your company. There are a lot of great options out there, including Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instagram! Your options really are unlimited here, and authenticity is key.

And while you may not need professional equipment to engage your audience in live-streamed video, consider these live events as gateways to your brand. Once someone has viewed your livestream, what other videos do you have to offer? Take the opportunity to allow them to learn more about your brand with a mix of professionally created marketing videos showcasing your brand.

Use Subtitles

Social media channels and websites frequently play videos automatically with sound. How many times have you watched a video in a quiet setting and all of the sudden the sound of a video came blaring through your device?

It’s a bit jarring, and many users have complained about this feature.

Browsers are listening. In fact, Google Chrome won’t autoplay video with sound as of January 2018. You can be sure that other browsers will follow.

How can people watch your videos if they can’t hear them? Subtitles and graphics can capture a person’s attention and keep them engaged.

You want people to get the message of the video if the sound is on or off. Remember the user is in control of your content. You have to think about how they are consuming it.

Is Your Video Optimized?

You want your best marketing videos to be found in search engine results. That’s why it’s important to optimize them.

When you upload your videos to YouTube, it helps to know what keyword you want to use. Your target keyword should appear in the title, tags, and description.

Have Questions About Video Marketing?

Video has the power to educate, inform, inspire, and lead people to action.

With so many things to understand about the best video marketing tactics, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why it important to partner with a company who knows how to create videos that can tell your story.

The team at Parallel 40 Productions works with organizations large and small. We’re here to help you bring your visions to video.

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