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803, 2018

Video Content Marketing: It’s Not Just For Millennials

By |Social Media Marketing|

Think video content marketing is just for younger audiences? Think again. If you think that video content marketing is only for a certain age group or doesn't relate to your business or consumers, this mentality can ultimately hurt your business

2102, 2018

How to Build an Effective Video Marketing Campaign

By |Social Media Marketing|

Videos will likely command 80% or more of the Internet traffic in the next few years. Videos help people make purchase decisions, improves brand recall, and it works on most devices. Those smartphone and tablet screens aren't always great for

3101, 2018

What’s The Best Video Hosting Platform For Your Needs?

By |Social Media Marketing|

In 2018, video marketing will be crucial for online businesses. In fact,  87% of online marketers are already using video content. Where do you upload to compete? As online video becomes more popular, businesses are looking at all the options available to

2501, 2018

How to Mix Video into Your Current Marketing Plan

By |Social Media Marketing|

How to Mix Video into Your Current Marketing Plan In today's increasingly digital world, it is crucial to mix video into your current marketing plan. Don't think that your audiences aren't interested in video, or that traditional marketing methods are