How to Mix Video into Your Current Marketing Plan

How to Mix Video into Your Current Marketing Plan

In today’s increasingly digital world, it is crucial to mix video into your current marketing plan.

Don’t think that your audiences aren’t interested in video, or that traditional marketing methods are still superior.

The majority of consumers think of video content as more memorable than traditional marketing displays.

In fact, a 2015 survey found that only 14% of consumers could remember the last display advertisement they’d seen.

However, a whopping 80% could recall the last video ad they watched.

We have some great tips that will help you create videos that improve your online presence and boost your bottom line.

Here are seven steps you’ll need to follow in order to mix video into your current marketing plan:

1. Establish Your Goals

Do some brainstorming and think about the type of videos you want to create.

You’ll need to ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to incorporate video into my marketing plan?
  • What demographics do I need to appeal to?
  • What kind of response do I want to get out of my viewers?
  • How can I establish myself and my brand as industry experts?

There are a several ways you can promote your business.

Common marketing videos include product demonstrations, videos showcasing your company’s mission statement and core values, highly shareable “viral” videos that are shocking, funny, or informational, and simple one-minute clips geared toward social media followers.

All of these videos have value and the potential to promote your business.

You don’t have to settle for one.

In fact, it’s best to diversify your video content so your audience doesn’t get bored.

2. Create a Roadmap

Once you’ve thought about the different kinds of videos you’d like to create, spend some time breaking down the creation process.

Give yourself a roadmap to follow.

This will help give your videos direction.

Do this by creating an outline.  

How do you create an outline?

Think about what components you will need to cover in the video.

For example, in a how-to or instructional video, you will need to figure out the specific steps for the process you’re explaining.

If it’s a promotional video, you’ll need to highlight the most important features of your product or service.

3. Keep Things Simple

Don’t take on too much too quickly.

Your viewers value simple, straightforward content.

They don’t want to spend too much of their valuable time watching your videos.

That’s why short videos are the most effective.

Get straight to the point.

Keep it simple.

Make it clear what your audience should do after watching your videos.

Have some kind of a call to action, whether it’s requesting for your visitor to view your website, sign up for an email list, what have you.

If you happen to have a complex concept for a video, at least consider breaking it up into several short videos instead of creating one long one.

4. Set-up a Recording Space

Next, it’s time to actually prepare for the production itself.

Take some time figuring out where you’re going to record your videos.

Is there a room in your office that you can dedicate to filming how-to videos and product demonstrations?

Your recording space doesn’t need to be fancy.

What it comes down to is the basics: you will need a quiet space with a basic background that won’t be distracting to your viewers.

You may also want to look for some lights to help eliminate shadows during filming, and a good mic for quality audio.

5. Find a Videographer

For simple videos, you should be fine on your own with a good camera and tripod.

But, if you want high-quality productions, it’s best to bring in a professional.

Some tips for hiring a great videographer include:

  • Dig deeper than the demo reel (look at lots of finished projects)
  • Check out their most recent work
  • Get quotes from several candidates
  • Remember that you get what you pay for

When it comes to finding a great videographer, take your time. You want to make sure you are hiring the right person for the job. Don’t settle for the first person you find. Your audience won’t respond well to low-quality videos. It’s arguably worse to have low-quality videos than nothing at all. It’s worth it to wait until you find someone who can truly capture your vision.

6. Share Your Videos

Once it’s time to share your videos with the world, you’ll need to post your polished videos on your website and social media pages.

In order to have the maximize the potential of your videos, make sure each of your videos has:

  • A catchy, clever title
  • A clear, informative description
  • Relevant tags for optimal search engine results
  • A closed captioning script
  • Custom, eye-catching thumbnails

After this, you’re not done!

Don’t forget to engage with your viewers.

If someone comments on your video, take the time to thank them for their feedback, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.

This will create a valuable, genuine relationship with your viewers that will bring in new customers and increase trust in your brand.

7. Stick to a Schedule

Consistent uploading is a must for video marketing.

Draw up a video production schedule and stick to it.

A production schedule includes days for brainstorming sessions, filming, and reviewing of follower feedback and video performance.  

Review sessions are just as important as posting the videos themselves.

Don’t just throw stuff out there and hope that it sticks.

Make sure that your strategies are actually working, otherwise your efforts will be in vain. 

Review your video performance in order to understand what kind of videos people enjoy and watch the most.

Be strategic.

Plan out your videos so they are successful.


Now that you know exactly how to mix video into your marketing plan, get out there and start creating! 

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We’re here for you, and we’ll gladly help you take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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