The Human Touch: Sharing Your Story. Part 3 of 3

A lot of clients look for videos to market their business, nonprofit, or services but they don’t have much of a budget. I get it! There are plenty of budget hacks you can use to develop a pretty slick video campaign, and I’ll share some easy iPhone tips and tricks with you in a future post. Yes, you can DIY video! But for something more professional, with subtitles, motion graphics, color correction, and high definition, you’ll want to consider a professional filmmaker or videographer.

I mentioned in my previous post how proper planning can allow you to front-load your production for one to two days of filming. You can then spread that footage over across multiple types of marketing videos to stretch your marketing investment.

Here’s an efficient way to schedule your production so you get the most bang for your buck:

  1. Get pre-approval from happy clients who might offer their testimonial in a video–even if you’re not currently planning a video! Knowing in advance which clients are willing to give a great recommendation means you’re not scrambling when your time to create videos arrives.UK group BrightLocal’s 2016 consumer survey found that people searching for local businesses rely heavily on reviews. In fact, 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation! And 7 out of 10 people will review your business if you ask. Once your great reviews start pouring in, reach out to some to get pre-approval for a future video testimonial.
  2. Schedule all of your speakers–from your CEO to your program staff to your happy clients–to come in for recording on the same day or (depending on the amount of footage you want to shoot) over the course of a week. Make sure everyone knows their scripts.Yes, even if you’re filming a brief spot, you should have a script. Check out Celtx’s free scriptwriting software to help write your script in advance. I subscribe to their additional services, but they offer software to support basic scriptwriting at no charge. And be sure your speakers are comfortable speaking in front of a camera. Don’t be afraid to rehearse. Delays related to people flubbing their lines can cost you precious production time.
  3. Record B-roll footage to give your video context and character. If you’re a culinary school, show some chopping! Are you a thought leader or education provider? Show your experts speaking to a captivated audience. The point is that planning these shots in advance and capturing as much as possible while your production team is on-site with their equipment will help to minimize your costs.

Here’s a longer video that I produced with Springs Charter Schools to showcase one of their leading schools, iShine. With the number of teachers and students involved in several different classroom settings, this production needed to be very well planned to make the best use of everyone’s time. We made sure everyone–from our student guide to the principals–would be ready to go on Day One of filming. This 10-minute video was filmed over the course of three days.


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