The Human Touch: Who are you and why should I care? Part 2 of 3

Hey there. If you read my previous post, you’re ready to help your audience get to know you with a 30- to 60-second marketing video revealing your organization’s core values. Great! But wait…you don’t have to stop there, even on a budget.

The key is thoughtful planning before you start filming so that you get the most bang for your production time. Whether you’re going to create a DIY video or hire a production company like mine, you’ll want to understand the full scope of your project long before you start recording.

Here are three must-have marketing videos you can record over the course of just a few days.

1) Your primary production.

This video captures your mission, your core values, your key objectives, and your signature services or products. It’s your elevator speech in video form. You should put a lot of time and focus into planning for the footage you need here—you’ll thank yourself later! Think about highlighting yourself or someone else on your team who can to discuss your mission and methodology in an engaging way. Ask a few real clients to talk about how your product or service solved their problem, and close with your call to action. Simple yet effective. It’s foundational to your brand.

2) Short, informative videos.

These shorter videos are perfect for social media sharing. And the good news is that you can splice and dice footage captured during shooting for your primary production to share basic facts setting you apart. For example, if you’re marketing for a school, maybe it’s a video showing the top 5 reasons parents choose charter schools. You will have covered these points during your primary production, but here you can cut the rest and share a brief video hitting these 5 highlights. Want bonus points? Ask your social media followers to comment on their own top reasons for choosing charters, and then respond to their comments. Now you’re having a conversation!

3) Testimonials.

These can be game changers! Every time you have a satisfied client, ask for their testimonial. For the best, most moving testimonials, ask if your client would be willing to share their story on video. A happy client sharing their own experience can be more powerful than anything you have to say. Happy clients’ stories can be incorporated into the primary production establishing your mission and they can stand alone in longer format.

Here’s a video we produced for Junior Achievement of San Diego. This non-profit partners with local businesses to help high school students consider different career paths. This longer video captures some of their core values and objectives, includes testimonials from the students, teacher, and business partners, and helps you understand the purpose and impact of J.A. in a small amount of time. We planned all of this to be filmed in just one day.

Now get out there and start creating!

P.S. Come back for my next installment, where I’ll help you plan better for your video production!

~ Jeremy

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