Who are you?

Parallel 40 Productions crafts exceptional videos for our clients like you at a high volume. Our camera, lighting, and sound equipment are professional grade.

We can scale up to a documentary-length film or down to a 15-second social media video. We go anywhere and do as much or as little as our client needs. We can brainstorm ideas, write scripts, hire actors, rent equipment, scout locations, get permits, and etc. Or we can show up at your conference room and turn it into a first-rate film studio.

Our hallmark is flexibility combined with personal attention and care. We value our clients. We like to have fun. We guarantee our products. Our ongoing subscriptions allow us to immerse ourselves in our clients’ work, grow to understand them better, and become part of their team … your team, we hope!

How does your monthly video production subscription work?

How does it work? Simple. Let’s say you want to keep strategic and creative control and you’re managing your own distribution. You want to produce a high number of videos to showcase your products, services, or to provide training, and you aren’t interested in producing these videos yourself with low-budget iPhone apps. You want a professional team who will be available “on-call” to produce multiple high-caliber videos over the course of the year. 

You already realize the benefit of adding video to your marketing mix and you understand the need for dynamic content. If you want to produce multiple videos, we can offer significant cost reductions. Consider how every video entails set costs, including planning, creative direction, on-site production, and travel. When looking at a series of ten videos or more, the planning, creative direction, production and travel can cover all ten videos, rather than just one. That’s why we can cut up-front costs and focus on creating top-notch videos, just for you.

And although we specialize in high volume content, we’re happy to produce a single video for you! Browse our packages and pricing, and then get in touch!  

What types of videos do you produce?

All of them! Here’s a sampling of what we can do:

  • Talking head: one or two key staff members speak directly to the camera about their product, service, lesson plan, mission, or etc. These typically range anywhere from one to five minutes.

  • Social media: These videos can run the gamut, from B-roll to talking head or live action. Typically we capture footage for social videos during the course of production on other videos. These tend to be 15-second videos with text overlay.

  • On site, live action: These videos become more complex and, in addition to the elements mentioned in #1, also involve multiple speakers, moving action shots, additional cameras, lights, audio equipment, and a 2nd camera person. These videos tend to last for one to three minutes. 

  • Training: These videos may require a static location but tend to be much longer (5-7 minutes) and they require additional motion graphics to help illustrate a lesson. These can be suited for internal or external audiences. 

  • Episodic/Broadcast: These videos require regular site visits in person to tape regular updates. Although they typically employ the “talking head” interview format, they may also involve moving shots, so require additional equipment and the potential need for a 2nd cameraman. 

  • Live Events/Speakers/Panels: These types of events require a full production team and multiple camera angles.

  • Documentaries: Documentaries typically combine all of the elements noted above, with a mixture of talking head, live action, B-roll, and other elements. These can range in length anywhere from a short film to feature length.  

OK, so what’s your fine print?

  • Subscriptions must be annual; a client cannot cancel early, since we will spread the costs for all videos over the 12-month period. If you do cancel, the full subscription amount becomes payable within 30 days.

  • Subscriptions may be paid monthly or quarterly by credit card, PayPal, or check. We bill for the month or quarter in advance. Payments are due within 30 days. 

  • Basic packages include production for all videos during one session at one location. Travel to additional sites will add to the overall cost. 

  • Basic packages include a client’s logo and title cards for the speaker(s). Additional elements such as motion graphics would add to the overall cost.

  • Any purchased music, graphics, or footage will be passed directly to the client (we do not add a fee on top but simply pass along the cost). 

  • All video packages may be scaled up or down or customized to fit your needs.