The Keyhole


The Keyhole


This monthly subscription package totals $34,200 a year. Throughout the 12-month period, you will receive: 

  • Pre-Production

    • 1 hour creative meeting per month for a total of 12 hours (these hours could be swapped for scriptwriting or other creative services)

  • Production: 

    • Up to 8 hours of studio time per month (local customers)

    • Up to five 8-hour production days to film all 12 videos

    • Up to two locations

  • Post-Production/Deliverables: 

    • Twelve 2-minute videos per year

    • 12 social media videos

    • Custom graphics

You must complete your subscription plan to obtain all of the videos. If your subscription ends early, the full amount becomes payable. 

* Travel costs are included. Purchase of stock footage, copyrighted music, or other direct costs must be reimbursed.

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